Branch Fortissimo Karviná OD Prior is closed from 29.6.2018


Branch Fortissimo Karviná OD Prior has been closed down on 29.6.2018

New lower fees!


Beginning on June 1st we are introducing lower fees for money transfers send in czech currency.

Branches closed on 2.4.2018


Due to Easter holiday following Interchange branches are closed on 2.4.: Hradec Králové, Mladá Boleslav, OC Géčko Liberec, Děčín, OC Globus and Tesco České Budějovice

Day 16/1/ is CSC INTERCASH Customer center open until 16:30.


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To Receive money

Western Union is the fastest way to send and receive money around the world without bank accounts. The transaction takes only a few minutes.

How to receive money (terms valid in the Czech Republic)

Fill in the form "TO RECEIVE MONEY" in any branch of Western Union. Specify the name of sender, country of origin, expected value and Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

Hand the filled in form over to the counter worker along with your proof of identity.

The counter worker will hand you over the money and proof of payment.

Additional Information

  • Branches of contractual partners of Intercash s.r.o. within Czech Republic pay out only transfers in Czech crowns (CZK).
  • Transactions refunded at the request of the customer will be paid back in Czech Crowns (CZK) regardless of the currency in which they were paid.
  • Western Union location has the right to refuse the transaction, for example if at a given moment does not have enough cash to payout the transaction.

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