Interchange in Most


From Friday 21.7. will be open new branch in Most at OC Central.

Closure of a branch Interchange Brno


Today was permanently closed branche Interchange Brno on street Dornych 4.

During these days 14/4 and 17/4 WU helpline will be working from 8:30 to 20:00.


For more information about opening hours of our branches use helpline - 800 190 009.

Temporary limited operation hours of Western Union help line


Older News

BEWARE of Phishing attacks attempting to get information about your transacions

The fraudster can try to solicit detailed information of your transfer trough fraudulent internet sites or links to applications. The link can appear like official Western Union website and the difference can be hard to spot, at first you can be completely unaware of giving information about the transfer to anyone.


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